At Offroad systems, we aren't just about building drawers. We are about entire vehicle storage solutions. This is why we sell a full range of storage and safety equipment such as Fridge Slides, Cargo Barriers, Stainless Steel Water Tanks, Cargo Barrier Shelves, as well as other useful items such as our Drawer Top Table, Traveler Table and Car Back Kitchen. We allow you to drive your standard vehicle in, and drive out in a machine set up to tackle anything.

100 Series Cruiser
Even our drawer systems aren't standard. Not only are they more space efficient than any other system, they are also lighter and easier to remove. We also offer more variations per vehicle than any other manufacturer. Our basic variations are the Standard 2 Drawer system, and the Fridgepack models.

Standard 2 Drawer

The ORS Standard 2 Drawer System comprise of 2 drawers, side by side. This system is excellent for those that don't wish to drastically change the usabillity of the vehicle from a day to day basis. You can see that the deck area is much more useable, now that the drawer system has covered both the wheel arches. This gives much more space for loading luggage or groceries & is perfect for delicate objects as there are no bolt heads or hinge knuckles etc. protruding. The real bonus is, you can have your drawers full of those "must carry in the car" items & still have full use of a larger deck space than you originally had.
We are also the only company on the market to offer a choice of aluminum of galvanized steel drawers. Most offer only steel, some offer aluminum, but only Offroad Systems offers the same system in both materials.
A fridge slide can be mounted easily on the top for those weekends away & removed again when not in use.​

Fridgepack 3/2/1

The ORS Fridgepack system stack the drawer's on-top of each other, allowing the fridge slide (included) to be bolted to the base, keeping the fridge down low. With the massive number of Fridge Slides on the market, why chose ours? Because the quality is second to none. With a single piece base tray, triple-lock adjustable locking bar, a high sided top tray for thermo-bag protection and stainless steel ball bearing runners, there is no other option.

The Versatile FridgePack

Have a look at our Fridgepack System.

We at Offroad Systems take pride in the fact that we were the first to use a stack of drawers and a fridge to the side.

We called it a 'Fridgepack'. It saves alot of space and it's tidy. Fridge owners will love these systems because it brings the fridge down to your level. No more struggling to get a peek over the top of your fridge.

It also keeps your fridge running more efficiently, due to it being out of direct sunlight, therefore keeping it naturally cooler and therefore less load on your fridge and your 12 volt system.

Our Fridgepacks are so versatile, you can have 1, 2 or even 3 drawers with varying depths to suit your every need.

All Fridgepack systems come with a "ORS Premium Fridge Slide". The Best Slide on the Market.

ORS Premium Fridge Slide

Image result for ORS FRIDGE SLIDE
The ORS "Premium Fridge Slide" evolved from the fact that we were unable to source a fridge slide to fit with our drawer systems that did not have "issues". Some of the available slides had obvious drawbacks, such as not being able to extend fully, loose lock in position meaning the slide rattled, or light duty runners. Others were made of multiple parts which came loose over time & some just deteriorated very quickly with use. We soon realised, if we were to include a slide in our product range it would need to be of a much better quality & function than what was available at the time.

We set about producing our own, and, armed with the knowledge of what NOT to do, have produced an excellent slide - I think, The Best Slide!!

ORS Stainless Steel Combo Fridge Slide

Fridge Slide Box

The Fridge Slide Box is a clever way of utilizing the fridge slide & compartment when the fridge is not required. It basically turns the fridge slide into a useable drawer which can be used for those day to day things. A good place to put shopping bags, tool boxes, drill cases & a host of other uses. The Fridge Slide Box is made to order so you decide what you want.

ORS Stainless Steel Combo Fridge Slide


Stainless Steel Water Tanks


Water, water all around, so lets all have a drink. And fill the radiator, and wash our face and hands. But what happens when there is no water. You need to take it with you.

There are thousands of ways to store water. Jerry cans, pipes, plastic tanks, bladders… but they all have their problems. In 40 degree heat, no-one wants to drink hot water that tastes like plastic. That’s why we developed our range of stainless steel water tanks.

Designed to tuck in behind the vehicles rear seat (a space that is otherwise notoriously tricky to pack into) our tanks fill a gap that would normally be wasted.

The positioning of the tank is also a key point in the design. It sits low (on the floor), straight over the back axel. This is the perfect spot to store something that can weigh up to 70kg when full. The positioning also means that the tank is kept out of direct sunlight and is insulated by the rear seat, the drawers and any luggage/camping gear.

The steel used is all food grade stainless, meaning it will not affect the taste of the water, regardless of how long it is kept in the tank. Using plastic tanks or bladders can cause the water to take on the taste of the plastic. Stainless steel is also best because it doesn’t need to be thick to be strong, meaning less wasted space.

Baffling across the middle of the tank stops the sloshing as you are driving, meaning a more peaceful ride for the occupants of the vehicle. The final advantage is the simplicity. Filling the tank can be done through the filling spout with a funnel, or straight through the pouring hose. And the water is just as easy to retrieve. Rather than trying to lift heavy jerry cans, simply open the rear door, turn on the tap and let gravity do the rest. No back ache, no spillage, just a group of jealous friends. So now, even when there is no water all around, everyone can have a drink.

Cargo Barriers

We stock, sell and install Autosafe Cargo Barriers to suit most vehicles.These are made in Australia from high quality 25mm X 25 mm steel mesh to make sure nothing can pass through. We also stock barriers to suit our own SS water tanks. These are called 'Half Barriers' & 'Special Barriers' and are mounted above the water tank or 'Security Storage Box" so as to still allow a full sized water tank to be used.

NB* Some barriers are manufactured with 50mm x 25mm mesh. This has been done to reduce weight & improve visability.


This table is one of the handiest pieces of camping equipment you will ever own. Rather than muck around with fiddley folding tables that take forever to set up and longer pack up, we decided create a much
simpler option.
The table itself if the made of the same ply that we use in all of our drawer systems. It’s strong, lightweight and waterproof. The surface is laminated with Laminex; it’s hygienic, tough and easy to clean. The legs are all independently adjustable, so even in the most uneven terrain you can still have a perfectly level table. The unit has a handy carry handle to make life just that much easier.
For the best storage solution we have incorporated the traveller table into our Fridgepack Drawer Systems. Never be without a sturdy,compact table ever again.

Cargo Barrier Shelf

Fridge Slide

Our newest product is the 'Top Shelf' Cargo Barrier Shelf. It is held securely against the barrier for maximum strength; the side brackets mount to the existing cargo barrier mounts and have holes for placement of tie down straps. It is the perfect way to create that little bit of extra storage & is ideally suited for those lighter items such as pillows, towels,day packs, sleeping bags. I have also mounted all my electrics on this shelf. it has an inverter, a battery charger, a music system & some 12 volts outlets on either end. i don't expect to get into water this deep, but if the worst happens my electrics should be high & dry!!

Drawer Top Table

Drawer Table AwayDrawer Table in Use

The quickest and easiest table you’ll ever own. Bench Space, You can never have enough! Whether your cooking a meal or just making a cuppa, you need a quick easy table to set up on.

This is why we developed the ORS Drawer Top Table. Its stored in the top of you drawer so you know where it is, it’s out of the way and will never move in you car. To use it, simple open the drawer, turn the table 90* popping the slots over the sides of the drawer, and push your drawer in. Notice it doesn’t close all the way. That’s to stop the drawer from closing when you have a cooking gear on top of it.

You can still access the contents of the drawer by sliding the table forward or backwards, even when in use. To pack it away, just turn it 90* again and close the drawer. EASY.

The table is made from cross-banded birch ply, so its super strong, and is covered with a Laminex top, the same as home bench tops, so its easy to clean. Fast, easy to store, strong and easy to clean. What more could you ask for?

Security Storage Box

Fridge Slide

The Security Storage Box has been made to sit between the Offroad systems Drawer System & the 2nd row of seats. It makes good use of the angled area created by the slope of the 2nd row seats & once installed, is almost invisible. It appears the drawers go right to the seats & it would take a bit of searching to realise there is an opening door behind the seats. The security storage box is ideal to tuck valuables away when you need to leave the car, however it s uses are not restricted to security. It is a valuable storage space for tools, spare parts, long itms such as an axe etc.

The Security Storage Box can be designed with quite a few, size & door variations as well as 3 security level options.


“CarBack” Kitchen

Stainless Steel Water Tank

The old fashioned camping kitchen has now been redesigned for you. The CarBak Kitchen is the ultimate solution for all your cooking, storage and packing needs. The versatile design incorporates 5 adjustable and collapsible legs for every terrain you and your travels may take you. The CarBack Kitchen contains a large storage drawer for all your bulky items, accessible whilst packed in the car. A generous sized drawer to store your washing tub (included), and a handy cutlery drawer that is easily
accessible when juggling your snags, plates and tongs. This kitchen boasts a whopping 1.7m laminated bench top. Just a quick spray and wipe will get rid of all the messes ready for packing for another day on
the beaten track.
All this folds up in a lightweight compact unit that easily slides on top of your drawer system or into the back of a trailer.






Ironman 4x4 is now making storage more versatile with our single drawer units.

These new single drawer units are ideal to store food, camping gear, even recovery items, tools or things that should be locked up. They are strong and offer a locked, safe storage solution. Being Fully marine carpet lined internally, the drawer offers protection around the gear you put in there and ensures nothing rattles against the side of the drawer.

These units can be installed into almost any wagon, ute, or caravan and a wing kit from the twin drawer system can be used to finish them off neatly. In a wagon, it can be utilised whilst allowing one rear seat to remain in place. It allows your fridge to be left at floor level, or a fridge slide can be added to the top making all your gear on one neat side. For the ute, these can go in the tray or tub, they can go across the tray if you would like side access, and in a caravan it can be fitted into the external storage area.

Designed using the same construction and mounting methods as the twin systems, the single drawer units provide a modular method for storage where a twin system wont suit, or wanting flexibility.


  • Tested and complies to ADR3/02, ADR 34/01 and ADR42
  • 100kg drawer rating
  • Perfect for wagons, utes, trailers and caravans
  • Lockable and safe storage system
  • T-Lock handles for easy opening and closing
  • All internal walls and base of drawer lined with UV stabilised heavy duty  black marine grade carpet
  • Child restraint points
  • Cross folded drawer floor
  • Body made from 2mm galvanised sheet
  • Drawer made from 1.5mm galvanised sheet
  • 12mm marine grade plywood top, lined with UV stabilised heavy duty  black marine grade carpet
  • Large bearings for smoother opening and closing
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Mounting hardware included


Back, stronger and better than ever Ironman 4x4 Locksafe Drawer Systems have undergone a significant evolution. Using stronger materials and better locking mechanisms all whilst saving you money, the Ironman 4x4 Drawers are a leap forward for an already quality product.

With the new drawers featuring:

  • Tested and complies to ADR3/02, ADR 34/01 and ADR42
  • 100 kgs rating per drawer set
  • Lockable and safe storage system - both drawer locks keyed alike
  • T-Lock handles for easy of opening and closing
  • All internal walls and base of drawer lined with UV stabilised heavy duty black marine grade carpet
  • Child restraint points
  • Cross folded drawer floor
  • Body made from 2.0mm galvanised sheet (33% stronger than previous model)
  • Drawers made from 1.5mm galvanised sheet (25% stronger than the previous model)
  • 12mm marine grade plywood top, lined with UV stabilised heavy duty black marine grade carpet
  • 25% Larger bearing than the original bearings used
  • Mounting hardware included

All of this makes the Ironman 4x4 drawer systems, stronger, safety, quieter and easier to use and install.


Complete the look and fit of your Ironman 4x4 Locksafe Draw Systems with Ironman 4x4 Wing Kits.

Custom shaped to suit specific vehicle applications, Ironman 4x4 wing kits provide the perfect finish for the new Ironman 4x4 Drawer Systems.

The Ironman 4x4 Wing Kits provide extra support panels for additional strength while a new fascia finish has been chosen to colour match with the draws Ironman 4x4 wings feature 12mm marine grade plywood and include removable side panels to provide easy access.

All Ironman 4x4 wing kits come complete with all mounting hardware. 

  • Creates a fully flat area when  drawers and wings are installed
  • Custom shape to suit
  • Cut out area for access into wing kit
  • 12mm marine grade ply
  • Carpet lined
  • Galvanised brackets
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Powder-coated steel front face


Designed from the ground up to establish the way a quality 4WD system should be, the MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System delivers many more features than any other 4WD Drawer system in the market today!
We've re-set the benchmark in quality 4WD Drawer Systems from a safety, functionality and quality perspective.

Features include;

  • 100% aluminium construction with anodised aluminium components means that our drawers are super strong, lightweight and have a lifetime corrosion resistance. This also means that our drawers are lighter than many generic steel drawers in the market – a very important feature as the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum weight that a vehicle can carry including its own weight) is crucial to the safe and efficient operation of a vehicle.
  • The patented “stay-open block” in our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System allows the drawer to remain in an open position, even on a 30-degree slope! This is another important safety feature which prevents a fully loaded, open drawer from unexpectedly slamming shut whilst still in use. This “stay-open block” also doubles as two electrical contacts, that when the drawer is open, create an electrical circuit without any moving wires to power the included LED strip light. The patented internal LED strip light delivers increased practicality, complete with manual override switch conveniently located in the drawer face.
  • The patented “Pro-Glide” system of our MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System utilises the side of the drawers and the frame as the actual slide unit, which means that no usable storage space inside the drawers are lost to traditional side slide runners. The over extension using custom sealed bearings, removes the need for additional slide components, maximising storage space. More internal drawer space is achieved with equivalent external frame dimensions of other drawers. Flush finish internal drawer sides provide greater storage practicality without any internal folds to hinder how larger items are placed inside the drawers or removed from the drawers.
  • Flush fitting removable wing kits in our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer Systems are designed to clip or bolt in, allowing access to storage areas beside the drawers! This is great for customers who want to store items such as their second battery or compressor in that available space. If a customer has a Fridge Drop Slide or other item hard mounted onto the wing kit, access under the drawer wings are also possible due to the unique removable front facing wing panels. Floor extensions are included as standard with Dual Cab Ute wing kits which are the wing pieces behind the drawers to create a full flat surface at the back of the tray, preventing items from falling behind the drawers.
  • Our Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System's injection moulded design-registered lock system with purpose built injection-moulded frame & aluminium components help deliver a 100% safe and secure lock system that cannot be levered open from underneath (unlike other drawers), providing safe storage. An anodised knurled aluminium handle has been designed for comfort & practicality.
  • A dust & water resistant designed seal around the front panel resists ingress, making our drawers the perfect storage solution for road trips through the red dust centre of Australia. Stainless steel fasteners are also used throughout where possible for a rust free and problem free life!
  • Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer Systems are available in 3 different lengths to suit popular wagons and dual cab utes. The 930 drawer system is 945mm long (overall complete drawer length including handle lock) and suits vehicles such as the Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner, 150 Series Prado, 120 Series Prado and 76 Series Wagons. The 1030 drawer system is 1045mm long (overall complete drawer length including handle lock) and suits vehicles such as the 200 Series & 100 Series Land Cruisers. The 1350 drawer system is 1365mm long (overall complete drawer length including handle lock) and suits most dual cab utes!
  • We recommend that any tub liners are removed before installing our drawer system as the tub liners do not follow the contours of the tub precisely enough and won’t result in an ideal fit.

Whilst every detail has been taken into account and engineered specifically to deliver the best and most reliable 4WD Storage Drawer System available in the market, MSA 4X4’s Lifetime Guarantee ensures that all Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System customers have the peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong, that they’d be looked after.


MSA 4X4 Accessories is renowned for creating some of the 4WD Industry’s most innovative products. MSA 4X4 Accessories is the 4WD market leader in quality Canvas products which include Certified ADR Compliant Canvas Seat Covers, Rear Wheel Bags, Rear Wheel Rubbish Bins, Vehicle Organisers and more. We pride ourselves on our innovative products which include the world first, revolutionary Fridge DropSlide, the new patented Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System which delivers a whole new level of access to the drawer contents, the original Water Bra, fully adjustable air lumbar support systems, and an extensive range of 4x4 accessories that have stood the test of time.​



"Outback" Roller Drawers have been Crash-tested and Comply to ADR42/03 (General Safety Requirements).

Drawer Modules Universal Fitment: Swap from one *same size vehicle to another for re-sale or changing vehicle. Side Floor Kit will be required if different model/make. Tub liners removed.

Single Drawer Modules not available for wagons.

"Outback" Roller Drawers were first produced in 1989.In 1990 4x4 Australia magazine featured this new drawer system in its magazine and gave it the sort of product endorsement rarely given. In 1993 "Outback" Roller Drawers won the prestigious 4x4 Australia Aftermarket Product Award for best product under $900



"Outback" Roller Drawers have been Crash-tested and Comply to ADR42/03 (General Safety Requirements).

Child Restraints(2) are pre-installed in 850 Series & 950 Series Modules (4WD Wagons excl Defenders).

Tub liners need to be removed from Dual Cabs & Extra Cabs.

850 SERIES TWIN **DRAWER INT: 850L X 440W X 220H  / FRAME EXT:  950L X 1005W X 280H (approx 80-85kgs)

950 SERIES TWIN **DRAWER INT: 960L X 470W X 220H  / FRAME EXT:  1060L X 1065W X 280H (approx 85-90kgs)

1250 SERIES TWIN **DRAWER INT: 1260L X 440W X 260H  / FRAME EXT:  1360L X 1005W X 320H (approx 100-105kgs)

1620 SERIES TWIN **DRAWER INT: 1630L X 440W X 260H  / FRAME EXT:  1730L X 1005W X 320H (approx 125-130kgs)

1720 SERIES TWIN **DRAWER INT: 1730L X 440W X 260H  / FRAME EXT:  1830L X 1005W X 320H (approx 130-135kgs)

4WD Interiors first produced vehicular drawer systems in 1989. In 1990 4x4 Australia magazine featured the new drawer system in its magazine and gave it the sort of product endorsement rarely given. In 1993 4WD Interiors Roller Drawers won the prestigious 4x4 Australia Aftermarket Product Award for best product over $900.00



**Outback Half Barrier to be fitted ONLY to 4WD Interior Outback or ARB Outback Solutions Roller Drawer systems.

Installing a Drawer System in the cargo area of a vehicle raises floor loading; a protection barrier should be installed to provide occupant safety. 4WD Interiors "Outback" Half Barrier has been Crash-tested and complies with AS/ NZS4034.2: 2002 to a rated capacity of 60 kg- single mass. Most installations require no drilling: Top mountings fasten to existing boltholes; barrier fastens to bottom mountings using highly visible "red dot" hand bolts. *Drilling is required for LandCruiser Troop Carrier & Standard model LandCruiser 100 & 80 Series. *LandCruiser 200GX models barrier bottom mount points must be installed before roller drawer unit installation.  Our unique top mount nylon grip brake assembly and bottom mount secondary impact brackets absorb impact and inertia.

Fitment to drawer units other than Outback 4WD Interiors & ARB Outback Solutions will void all ADR safety ratings, warranties/returns and customer support and result in barrier not being compliant and could cause possible injury or death.  We do not recommend fitting our barriers to different company drawers systems and fitting them to said drawers is at your own responsibility.


The Rear Rack & Divider is designed to further increase the usable storage capacity of an "Outback" Roller Drawer equiped vehicle. Combined with an "Outback" Half Barrier, the rack and divider also allows other cargo to be safely carried adjacent to the Fridge / Roller Floor and above it without closing off the necessary ventilation.  Maximum 15kgs storage on rack when mounted correctly.



BOAB builds on the traditional benefits of roller drawers with the added advantage of removable ABS boxes that let you grab what you want or take the whole box out and move your gear where you need it. That means more convenient camping, easier packing, and with optional extra boxes you can switch from work to play quickly and simply. And for the ultimate in versatility there’s BOAB’s new self-contained drop-in systems.

There’s no installation, simply drop them in when you need them and take them out for extra space, a lighter load, full seating capacity, or to switch between vehicles.

BOAB roller drawers…simply brilliant!

  • heavy-duty frames fitted with roller-bearing slides
  • secure rattle-free closure
  • easy DIY installation
  • removable heavy-duty ABS boxes
  • easy to load away from the vehicle
  • easy to carry to camp or work site
  • protection for food and equipment away from the vehicle
  • stackable boxes with secure lid catch


Milford Cargo Barriers - Behind You All The Way!

Every Milford Cargo Barrier is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in Australia in accordance with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers - AS4034 along with all relevant Australian Design Regulations (ADR's) to provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions. If you have an accident or even just brake suddenly, unsecured items like groceries, work gear or sporting equipment can all become lethal weapons. Even items you wouldn’t ordinarily consider to be heavy or hard can become dangerously so when hurled forward at great force. Installing appropriate occupant protection in your vehicle is a must and there’s no better way to ensure your safety than with a Milford Cargo Barrier - Warranteed for Life!

Milford is the largest provider of Cargo Barriers & other vehicle load restraints worldwide, so you know you can rely on us to protect you, your children and employees!

Maximum Protection Cargo Barriers

Milford Cargo Barriers are specially designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, in accordance with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers, AS4034, to provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions. We offer a custom designed range of more than 300 Cargo Barriers to suit all types of passenger, light commercial, 4WD and sports utility vehicles.

Dual Position Cargo Barrier Fitment

Many of the quality Cargo Barriers in the Milford Passenger Car range are designed to fit in more than one position and include a Milbolt or quick release mechanism for quick and easy movement. So when you need to fold down your rear seats for more space, your user-friendly barrier simply moves forward its new position, behind the front seats.

Easy Fit Cargo Barriers

Most of our Cargo Barriers can be moved without the use of tools making it simple to remove for quick access or reposition the barrier to accommodate a larger load. Our Cargo Barriers also feature openings so that the upper anchorage straps of kids’ seats can secure safely to the original vehicle mounts.

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Milford is the trusted name in Cargo Barriers. Our Cargo Barriers are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 and your purchase is protected by our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty to ensure your peace of mind. For more information on our Warranty Policy click.