The ultimate in seat and occupant protection


SupaFit Seat Covers manufactures premium aftermarket protective seat covers. Our seat covers are designed to fit most makes and models of vehicles and machinery on the Australian market.

Airbag compatible seat covers scientifically designed for ultimate occupant safety.

Our seat covers are made from top quality materials.

Custom fitted seat covers for superior protection 


* Premium Canvas & Denim Seat Covers

* UV stabilised properties

* Proudly made in Australia

* Australia’s largest range of aftermarket seat covers

* Tailor-made for 4WD & commercial vehicles

* Industry tested and approved 'Airbag Deployment Seam Technology'

* Antibacterial & allergy-free



Canvas Seat Covers

Pioneering Seat Protection
Durable, High Quality Canvas Seat Covers made in Australia
If you have a lifestyle that involves tracking a lot of mess through your vehicle, then investing in a protective solution may be an advisable idea. Our range of canvas car seat covers are designed for added durability and are available throughout Australia.
Unlike other cover materials, canvas offers a superior level of resilience and is perfect for resisting tears, rips, spills and other general mess.


Benefits of utilising a canvas made cover for your car seats
Using our high quality canvas seat covers is an investment for any vehicle and stands to prolong the life of your existing seats. They are also designed to be very comfortable and sit snugly around the seats to avoid bunching and wrinkling. Easy to clean and resistant to stains, they’re the smart choice for any driver!

Bred for strength
Pioneered by Black Duck and continually improved for the last 25 years, our canvas seat covers are the ultimate in durability. Tailor made to perfection, Black Duck canvas seat covers are proven as the seat protection benchmark for heavy wear situations such as mining and commercial industries.

Hard wearing, water resistant, tear resistant and heavy duty protection
Unique and exclusive 12oz canvas developed for the harsh Australian conditions
Tailored fit ensures superior seat protection, comfort and aesthetics
Safety assured – tested and certified airbag compatible range available
Add personality to your vehicle with a huge range of colours


Black Duck Denim

The Black Duck Denim material is a heavy duty twill fabric which has a layer of high density foam for extra comfort and a soft polyester net backing to protect it from wear. Our Denim range is a comfortable alternative to our canvas. Although it is water resistant and strong, it is not as durable as the canvas. The canvas is designed to take a hard beating of mud, dirt, grease, grime, sand, every day however the denim has sacrificed a little bit of that durability for comfort. It will still take a lot of use and abuse and protect the original seats, but it will provide more comfort for the daily drive. Perfect for the beach trip, the weekend away or the accidentally dropped ice cream…

Bred for style
Available for Black Duck’s complete range, including airbag compatible and certified seat covers
Increased comfort provided by a heavy duty twill fabric and foam backing
Water resistant for spill protection
Exudes style through a tailored, snug fit






FRONT & REAR SEATS FROM                 $741


The Wetseat - Neoprene Car Seats Covers Australia

The Wetseat is Australia’s most trusted neoprene seat cover, the range of covers are aligned with the Australian way of life in mind, so whether its hard at work, playing in the mud or surf we’ve got your seats covered.

Made from 2.7mm UV safe neoprene The Wet Seat is highly water, abrasion and chemical resistant, they are easy to clean and very comfortable to sit on all year round. All covers include sharkskin rubber that is safe when fitted to cloth, leather and vinyl trims, the ribbed sharkskin grips onto the seat without movement, which in turn eliminates wear to your seats.


                                                TWIN BUCKETS FROM $295                                                                              REAR FROM $330


                                           CONSOLE COVER FROM $35                                                                     CONSOLE ORGANISER FROM $230

                                                                                                                                    HEAD REST COVER FROM $35

The Wetseat is Australia's best neoprene seat cover since 2007. Specifically manufactured to suit the Australian way of life by the sand, sea, mud and dirt, the Wetseat is an innovative protection solution designed to fit like a second skin. It is easily cleaned and provides users with a cover that repels against spills.

Key features include:

  • Automotive Grade Premium Neoprene Rubber (Not Foam filled)
  • Designed & Tested to over 15 Global and Australia OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards
  • Tailor Made to each individual vehicle (Seats retain full functionality with covers fitted)
  • 2.5mm-2.7mm Thickness material
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Abrasion and Chemically Resistant
  • Closed cell construction delivers superior seat cushioning
  • Sharkskin Embossing (Anti Slip backing)
  • Cold Machine Washable (Gentle Cycle)