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FULLY ENCLOSED CAGE                                                                                                      TRADIE OPEN-ENDED

TENT TOPPER                                                                                                                           FLAT LOW PROFILE






Tracklander’s origins go way back to October 1975, to a modest steel fabrication business in Perth, WA.

Back in those days, roof racks were not designed for serious 4WD off road work and were even homemade. As a result, many 4×4 roof racks (and often their loads) were left beside the rugged dirt roads that led to Australia’s top end…

This led to a desire to build a roof rack range … a range to specifically cater for the four-wheel drive enthusiast – consisting of a roof rack design that would handle these conditions with ease, but also compliment the vehicle, cut wind noise and protect the vehicle from damage. With no expense spared, the design team set about to discover the science behind what made a roof rack last in these conditions and bring travelers to their off road destinations safely and comfortably.

After an extensive amount of research and a number of prototypes tested in the most severe conditions, Tracklander was born. Tracklander’s full range of 4X4 roof racks and accessories are available online and through a range of authorised suppliers in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.





#JA2611 - Vortex 2500 Silver 1 Bar Roof Rack (Rear) | Rhino-Rack#JA7770 - Vortex RLT500 Trackmount Silver 2 Bar Roof Rack | Rhino-Rack

The Rhino-Rack Vortex bars can be purchased in black or silver and is cut to 7 different predefined lengths to suit different vehicles. All bars include the VGS rubber strip which has been designed to reduce wind drag and noise as well as providing added protection for your roof racks and load. All bars include end caps.


#JA8637 - Heavy Duty RLT600 Ditch Mount Silver 2 Bar Roof Rack | Rhino-Rack#JB0285 - Heavy Duty RLT600 Trackmount Black 1 Bar Roof Rack | Rhino-Rack

The Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty bars can be purchased in black or silver and can be cut to 8 different predefined lengths to suit different vehicles including: 1120mm, 1250mm, 1375mm, 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm. All bars include the rubber strip. All bar lengths include end caps.


#JA2984 - Euro 2500 Black 2 Bar Roof Rack | Rhino-Rack#JA0348 - Euro 2500 Black 2 Bar FMP Roof Rack | Rhino-Rack

Adaptable, easy to use, strong and light are the key features of the Rhino-Rack Euro 2500. This roof rack is designed to fit bare roof vehicles in less than 30 minutes by utilising a removable moulded pad mount and clamp system. Rhino-Rack's Euro bar is also compatible with Rhino-Rack accessories so whether you're a traveller, cyclist, surfer, tradesperson or outdoorsy type - the Euro 2500 roof rack system has you covered.




#AT1510 - Alloy Tray (1580mm x 1065mm) | Rhino-Rack#AT1510 - Alloy Tray (1580mm x 1065mm) | Rhino-Rack

The Alloy Tray is a steadfast tradition of Rhino-Rack's. Made from structural aluminium and glass reinforced nylon the Alloy Tray can handle whatever you throw at it both on road trips and off-road trips. If you need extra secure storage space for your vehicle look no further than the Alloy Tray, which comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

The AT1510 is a medium sized tray solution to carry your luggage on weekends away, work situations, hard core 4WD adventures or simply coming back from the shops with a car full of kids. Assembling the tray is simple and ready to go in minutes. We recommended that the Alloy Tray is mounted on roof rack systems with 2 crossbars.


  • Made from structural grade aluminium extrusions and glass reinforced nylon mouldings
  • Non corrosive anodised aluminium and sun resistant plastics
  • Light and simple to use
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Removable
  • Versatile options to have either the Alloy Tray or reduce your clearance level and keep just roof racks depending on your daily needs
  • Unique tie off points
  • Minimal wind noise engineering
  • 5 year warranty
  • Able to be used with a range of Rhino-Rack accessories

Fit Kit Sold Separately. See Roof Rack Compatibility for more details.


Luggage Net (Small)Weatherproof Luggage Bag (500L)Wall Hanger LargeAlloy Tray Fitting Kit (Vortex 4 Bar Systems)


#41100 - Pioneer Tray (1400mm x 1140mm) | Rhino-Rack#41107 - Pioneer Tray (2000mm x 1140mm) | Rhino-Rack

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray allows you to load everyday and adventure gear to your 4WD or utility in the securest way possible. The Pioneer Tray is used for hardcore off-road exploration, family road-trips and everyday trips around town. Sporting aerodynamic design and sleek black finish the Pioneer Tray is not only functional, it is a tough and stylish addition to your vehicle. Comes in many different sizes.


#42103B - Pioneer Platform (1928mm x 1376mm) | Rhino-Rack#42107B - Pioneer Platform (2128mm x 1236mm) | Rhino-Rack

The Pioneer Platform is the most versatile roof rack accessory for your 4WD or utilities.The black powder-coated design is not only sleek it also makes your everyday life on and off the road easier. You can load and unload your equipment in moments. The Pioneer Platform is made from reinforced nylon and aluminium which creates a lightweight strength that is seriously durable. These non-corrosive Pioneer Platforms have withstood testing in the harshest conditions around the world so you know they can be trusted. Comes in many different sizes.


#45104B - Pioneer Tradie (2128mm x 1426mm) | Rhino-Rack#JA9038 - Pioneer Tradie (1528mm x 1236mm) | Rhino-Rack

The Pioneer Tradie is ideal for carrying a wide variety of gear on your roof. The Pioneer Tradie is designed to transport ladders, pipes and work-related products like timber on your 4WD or utility. Made from reinforced nylon and aluminium the Pioneer Tradie stands up to the toughest conditions you can throw at it. The powder coated outer coating is non-corrosive and will not allow the Tradie colour to fade in the sun. Choose the Pioneer Tradie for work and adventure because it works as hard as you. Comes in many sizes.


Pioneer Grab Handle (2)Spare Wheel HolderPioneer Recovery Track Side BracketVertical Jerry Can HolderPioneer High Lifting Jack & Shovel Bracket KitFolding Aerial BracketPioneer Shovel Holder BracketPioneer SI Light Bracket KitPioneer LED Light BracketBatwing Awning Bracket


#RPBL - Steel Mesh Platform Large | Rhino-Rack    #RPBL - Steel Mesh Platform Large | Rhino-Rack

Get the most out of your car's carrying capacity with a Steel Mesh Platform. The Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Platform has the most tie-down points possible so your capacity to utilise your roof space is unrivalled. Simple to install and remove the Mesh Platform is the quick option for a road-trip or when transporting any gear.‚Äč


#RLBL - Steel Mesh Basket Large | Rhino-Rack#RLBN - Steel Mesh Basket Narrow | Rhino-Rack

The Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Basket has the most tie-down points possible so your capacity to utilise roof space is unrivalled. The basket design allows you to easily secure rounded cargo to the raised side rails. Simple to install and remove; the Mesh Basket is the quick option for a road-trip or when transporting any gear. Mesh Baskets come in a range of sizes for all your needs.The narrow long basket is designed so you can fit other accessories alongside it such as ski holders, bikes carriers and more.



U BoltsWeatherproof Luggage Bag (600L)Mesh Basket and Tray Euro Fitting KitWall Hanger LargeLuggage Bag Small


#RMCB02 - XTray Large | Rhino-Rack#RMCB02 - XTray Large | Rhino-Rack

The XTray is a luggage carrying accessory that will definitely turn heads wherever you go. Black powder-coated steel construction and a sleek design match quality manufacturing and style perfectly. A sleek, aerodynamic wind deflector is positioned at the front of the tray to make your travels quieter, deflect bugs, dirt and grime from your cargo.


#RMFT410 - MasterFit Roof Box 410L (Black) | Rhino-Rack#RF2 - Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing -  965mm / 38" | Rhino-Rack#LB500 - Weatherproof Luggage Bag (500L) | Rhino-Rack




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- 1.4M X 1.25M ALLOY RACK

- 1.8M X 1.25M ALLOY RACK

- 2.2M X 1.25M ALLOY RACK

Display ImageAlloy%20trade%20rack 25

Cage Style - 1.8m x 1.25m Alloy Rack                                 Cage Style - 1.8m x 1.25m Alloy Rack                                   Cage Style - 1.8m x 1.25m Alloy Rack

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Ironman 4x4’s newly updated range of Aluminium roof racks. Designed to provide a 60% weight saving over an equivalent steel rack and engineered to tackle the most demanding conditions with no compromise in strength or function.


Roof racks are an iconic addition to any 4x4. With modern vehicles having lower roof ratings, the need to lighten your load up top is greater than ever.

Ironman 4x4’s newly updated range of Aluminium roof racks. Designed to provide a 60% weight saving over an equivalent steel rack and engineered to tackle the most demanding conditions with no compromise in strength or function. Ironman 4x4s aluminium racks come with a new look, powder coated in a gunmetal grey finish for durability and topped with a solid reinforced aluminium mesh these racks are the strongest and lightest we have ever made!

Designed to work with Ironman 4x4’s full range of mounting feet, these racks are ready to be fitted to a large range of  vehicles.


  • Reinforced aluminium mesh
  • Gunmetal grey finish
  • 60% weight saving