Ironman 4×4 protection plates perfectly integrate to your vehicles design with carefully positioned venting and water dispersion holes. This protects the key components without compromising airflow and durability.

Offroad driving exposes your vehicle to damage from various obstacles such as rocks, logs, bumps and scrapes, particularily prevalent in vehicles with low ride height or independant suspension.

Underbody protection plates are commonly relied upon offroad as a layer of armour underneath your 4×4. However, good design is crutial to ensure the plates are not too heavy and rigid which can actually contribute to severe damage to the structure of your vehicle in the event of a heavy impact.

By using the latest CAD & FEA analysis software, Ironman 4×4 have engineered a solution which protects vulnerable underbody components by safely absorbing impact energy from heavy contact with a solid object.

Ironman 4×4 plates are made from either 2.5mm pressed or 3mm folded steel construction.Pressed ribs and folded reinforcements provide significant strength without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

The premium underbody protection solution to safeguard against offroad damage from rocks, stumps and ground strike.

Construction is up to 5x more impact and penetration resistant*
*(Than original 1.5mm pressed construction).

Design gives strength in most common strike zones, reducing plate deformation and deflecting force into load bearing elements.

Fully recessed high tensile mounting hardware protects all fasteners from damage and removes catch points resulting in a smooth skid-over surface.

Over 3x more coverage than original protection plates. Radiator, Steering, Engine and Transmission.

EDP E-Coat layer helps resist corrosion following impact strike, finished in a textured black powder coating.

Service inspection holes (where appropriate) allows for easy inspection and access during routine maintenance. (Ironman 4x4 recommends to remove protection plates when draining fluids)

Brown Davis Under Vehicle Protection

Off road touring is fraught with potential hazards that ultimately leave travelers stranded in remote, hard to reach locations. Those who have suffered the merciless wrath of the outback’s rugged terrain, will know first hand just how serious an issue it really is. A punctured sump, a tail-shaft jammed with logs, or even a damaged radiator; a failure of this nature can be both very costly and terrifying for those unlucky enough to be stranded without help.

Brown Davis has tackled the issue of Underbody protection head on, to develop bullet proof amour for the underside of most popular off road machines. With over 30 years off road experience, and a solid understanding of what is encountered when off road trekking, Brown Davis has every base of design covered to ensure you have every chance of battling the outback and winning every time. By incorporating specific design features and utilizing high grade materials, the Brown Davis Range of Underguards will protect you and your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Laser cut and folded 3mm steel
  • Recessed mountings for bolt head protection
  • Easy removal for vehicle servicing and cleaning
  • Front venting holes where required
    • Designed to maximise approach and departure angles
    • All hardware supplied for easy DIY fitment
    • Specifically designed to protect each vehicles vital parts
    • Powder coated grey for added durability

Ford Ranger PX / Mazda BT50- Under Vehicle Protection


  • Radiator
  • Sump
  • Transmission
  • Transfer Case





TJM’s durable underbody protection carefully engineered and press folded for

maximum strength

To protect the most vulnerable components underneath the vehicle TJM underbody guards are constructed from 3mm thick steel sheet and incorporates strategic folds for incredible strength. They are electro coated black for corrosion resistance of up to 500 hours. The advantages of electro coating is that it gets into all the nooks and crannies and is much more resilient to chipping when knocked around, unlike powder-coated varieties.

  • 3mm thick steel
  • Provides excellent underbody protection
  • Electro coated black for up to 500 hours of corrosion resistance
  • Press folded in strategic areas for absolute maximum strength
  • Front underbody, sump and transmission guards available
  • Drain access holes for sump and transmission where necessary.

Although the underbody components of your vehicle may be classed as ‘out of sight, out of mind’, they certainly cannot be overlooked when heading off road. A simple collision with a tree stump or rock could cause significant (and expensive) damage to the steering, engine sump or transmission. Investing in a TJM underbody guard may be the difference between getting your vehicle home undamaged, or lying busted out on the track.

Having designed quality underbody guards for over 15 years, TJM certainly knows what’s best. All our underbody guards are made from 3mm steel and finished with superior electro coating for ultimate performance and durability. Specially designed, pressed and folded to supply the optimum strength and protection, you can be sure the TJM Front Underbody Guard, Transmission Guard and Sump Guard range will take the brunt of any hazard, ensuring the vital components of your vehicle are out of the firing line.